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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 5, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo, tv broadcast center, this is abc news. >> a bus hit by a stolen car slams into a home and missing a 3-month-old b just inches. >> people trapped in the wreck are trying to get free and tonight the driver of the stolen car is still out on the loose. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> it happened at 18th street at dinner time. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang was live from the scene. you talked with some of the people w live inside the home. >> we did, dan and ama. we do a lot to protect our kids. there is almost nothing you can do to protect something like this. you can see where the bus punctured the side of the house. it hit with such force. on the other side of the wall was a baby. the bus was doing between 20
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and 25 miles per hour when it struck this house in richmond arnd 5:30. >> my sowas inches from being hit by the bus. >> ashley ortega found her 3-month-old so sitting in the bouncy cir in the living room and looking up at an ac transit bus. >> my daughter was in the bk bedroom and i called her and grabbed my son and got out. i dn't know what was going to happen. >> the gas service line was severed and lking. several dazed and bloody passengersncluding two children and a busriver were trying to escape the bus. >> it was hard to get off. we didn't know how to exit. >> why couldn't you go through the door? >>hey wouldn't open. it was hard to open. >> we briefly evacuated the area because of the gas leak. since then the air was deemed cohabittable again. the residents should know they are safe in their homes. >> but the ortega's home is red tagged. >> what can i say? i have to find a place to live
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now. >> police say the bus struck a speeding stolen car at the intersection of 18th street andurbank avenue. they arrested a juvenile male passenr, but the driver got away on foot. alan wang, abc7 news. >> a group of men reportedly attacked an off duty santa clara countyhear riff deputy. it all happened around 1:00 on thursday morning behind a shopping center. he were talking and three men approached before attacking him and ran off. police have not made any rests. tonight crews are cleaning a huge amount of debris left by the mass of fire in the mission district. they gutd the store at 22nd and the building is now considered a totaloss. you can see why. take a look. this is how it looked before the fire, and this is how it looks now. however, all but a few surrounding shop reopened today. it is almost no worseor the
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wear. alyssa harringtons liae in the mission district wit more. hi, alyssa. >> hi. about 10 shops and businesses remain closed and this part of mission street islosed except for muni buses. as early as tomorrow they could begin knockingown part of the building. people who live and work near the big use think a building that was gutted are just trying to get rid of e smell. on bartlett street, the windows are wide open. >> i think we will stay in th living room and ourm was closer. theris a bit more better ventilationhere. >> he was known as the wizard and is trying to over power the smell of smoke with something he likes. >> cooking bacon. >> he had to evacuate and he and his roommates grabbed their pets . the ?eak stayed wrapped aound a -- the snake stayed wrapped around his neck all afternoon. >> he liked the attention. stayed tight on my neck, but he didn't seem alarmed or
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anything. >> back on mission street large fans are on full blast. the building suffered water mage. >> there was smallbusiness that every day comes. >> the fire will not hurt their customers who need their dresses. >> we have to take them home. this is a once in a lifetime event. >> the charlotte maxwell clinic is closed. about 55 women will not be able to get their cancer treatments until monday. >> it just didn't feel right. it didn't feel likethe air was healthy. we had to close down. >> firefighters sighig house inc --ay big house ,inc will have to be demolished. everything from beach towels to suitses on mission street in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc said news. >> thesanta clara county
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sherif office released the name of a woman whoseody was found burning. she is 35-year-old julie theresa calochi and police are not sayin how she died or if they haveuspects. the driver found her body west of morgan hill. police closed oakland avenue for 10 hours while the coroner's office investigated. >> a protest in oakland spilled into the streets downtown tonight. this is video from you stream of police blocking the protesters the urban shield nvention has increased mill tearization. the convention and expo features armored personnel carriers and military grade weaps and s.w.a.t training exercises. they say itivides police from the community. >> and they jump out with weapons behind shieldso confront people. that's hardly the model of public safety that we need in the communi of oakland. >> we had the same conversation last ar and three weeks latera nut case walked into l.a.x. and started
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shooting the pla. and guess what. they didn't call e military and they didn't call the fire dertment and they didn't call the protester they called the police. >> the sheriff's office hosts urn shield. the convention has beeneld in oakland since 2007. developing news out of mariposa county. families were forced from their homes because of a wildfire. it started late this afternoon west ofosemite national park. the fire has burned 300 acres and is not contained at all. this amateur video shows ames and smoke pouring from the ees along highway 49. 700 homes and five business are under an vac wages order. a wildfire is affecting air qualitin the north bay. the fire has gone through 83,000 acres. it has been burning for four weeks. it ld to a smoke advisory for the north bay. meteorologist sandhya patel ll have more about the advisory coming up. >> tonight abc joined 30 other networks for the stand up to cancer telethon. the star a-studd event
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featured performances by air january gnaw grande and the who and others. they raised $260 million for cancer research. and cancer survivors and advocates all over the bay area stood up to cancer. here is a viewing party. it was set up by the organizers of the american cancer society's relay r life. it is not too late to give go to stand up to cancer .org and you can make your donation tonight. >> still to come, your chance to get a piece of history. the items sitting idle for more than four decades that are now going on the auction block. that and priority produce. the unlikely partnership amazon has planned to get groceries delivered to your or. >> and i wonder if they had enough dough for the toll. the wild mmute on the golden gate bridge. >> that is a wild side. ii am abc news' sandhya
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patel. seasonal summer weather for the upcoming weekend. i will be back with the temperatures, but firs here is gym mooy kimmel. >> here is a sampling of the nonsensee have in store for you tomorrow night.
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all right, the finishing touches are underway for an auction that is likely to ke antique clectors salivate. it is an old store in napa county. as wayne freedman explains they will be bidding the long untouched contentsof a
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very old building. >> it is one of those old aces many of us might dismiss. if you can get past the cracked paint and openhe door and go back 43 years in time, would you? >>he last day it it would open was1971. >> that's right. are you looking at a rural ti capsule, property of brad kirkpatrick. his grandfather owned the store. >> i shutdown this business and continued the other business for 43 years. >> meantime the contents just sat there gathering dust. on saturday morning ban will auction them off one lot at a team. what a collection. >> it tells th whole history of thealley, the general stores. it sells the history of what rural country life was before we turned into a wi region for the rich and famous. >> likeany general stores
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back then it served mtiple functions. here is th post office. >> what was the zip code? >> there was no zip code. >> this was before z codes ? >> we shut this down in 1947. >> there was a baroo. >> every item in he tells a story. do you see the beer ad, the one with the bulldog note the bullet le. that did not happen by accident. the guy stood here at the bar with a 44 revolver and bet he can t a bullet right between the dog's eye he also put it right through thebuilding. heon the bet. >> it was over. who got the free beer and we are probably pretty luc there are dogs there. >> here is something else that remains. the hotel upstairs is complete with rooms and still ready for occupants if they don't mi a little dust. this place began as a stagecoa stop. they had to sleepomewhere. >> that's where they would stay. the stage did not run at
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night. >> all of those years, it was shut up. not anymore. abc7 news. >> well, the newsroom was buzzing more than normal today. we had a spcial visitor here at the stati. >> bless your heart. >> celebrity chef rachel ray hung out with us. she posed for pictures ather team and signed copies ofer new cook book. you can get tips every week lay afternoon starting on monday. she talked with o midday crew about what to expect. >> it is super fun. >> we make something wonderful for dinner every night. there are lots of helpful tips. people see a lot of themselves. our viewers are as much a part of our programming. i think we have a unique personality at the show. we have a big goal. we are so tilled to be making our tv family bigger. >> we are thrilled to have
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her. catch rachel every weekday coming this monday at 3:00. >> should be good. here is a look atour new daytime lineup starting on monday terry cruise will host the new season of "who wants be a millionaire" at 1:00 and" jeordy at 1:30. >> "general hospital" at 2:00 and followed by the abc7 premiere of rachel ray at 3:00. groceries delivered to your doorstep is nothing new. but how amazon plans to pull it off may surise you. they are using postal service trucks in san francisco to deliver groceries. drivers are allowed to use the trucks to deliver fresh meat, dairy and produce from 3:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. when the trucks are usually idle. they use insulated bags so they don't need refrigeration. the program started in early august. if the service proves be beneficial foroth organizations they will expand it to more cities. >> that's strange and so is this. a um could of dee caused a traffic jam -- a couple of deer caused a traffic jam on
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the gden gate bridge. they were trotting north on the bridge. chp called to the scene were caught in the j and the deer we gone by the time they t there. it did not stop the tweeting pictures. it is more than a buck, ha, , ha. and got enough doe for the bridge toll? >> an asteroid discovered days ago will buzz us this weekend. this diagram showthe space ck's projected path. the 60-foot rk will pass a safe 25,000 miles over new zealand. but that's about 1-10th the distance and close enough to fly in the orbs of our communication and weather satellite. >>e mentioned the fires burning and all of that smoke is heading toward the north bay. >> abc7 news meorologist sandhya patel is her with details. >> as you look athe imagery yowill see the fires burning
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in northern california. the wind flow carried the smoke down toward the north bay and that prompted the baarea quality district issue a smoke advisory. it includes napa and sonoma counties. if you are particularly sensitive to smoke and smelling smoke and youee it going into tomorrow, you might nt to lem mitt your outdoor time. if you do have respiratory sues follow your doctor's orde. there is a red flag warning until 11:00 p.m. for this area. gusty winds and low humidity will keep the fire danger up until tomorrow night. as we look at ou weather it is so quiet from live doppler 7hd. it is thesual pattern of the marine layer alo the coast and in over parts of the bay. here is our view looking at coit tower there. there is low cloudiness and the temperatures are in the low 60s from san ancisco and san carlosnd oakland and it cools off the quickly.
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here is our view from the emeryville camera. visibility is fine and looking toward theay bridge. in the 50s for the north bay and 62 in livermore. sfo camera so far no problems. if you are flying out keep in mind there may be fog around. low clouds and fog overnight and the average temperatures this weekend. and we are looking at slightly cooler weather early next week. it is slightly cooler. we will go with our typical pattern fo the upcoming woke end. mild to warm weather expected. just abt any outdoor plans the weather is going to cooperate. here is a look at a major category 3 hurricane norbert thathas strengthened and packing winds of 115 miles an hour. it has bn dumping rain and bringing some strong winds to the baja pensula of california. we a expecting this to continue to parallel and eventually weaken. but watch what happen into sunday. even though it is a trical
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storm, they are getting some rain up in the southern portion of the state. thunderstorms are expected which is why there is a flash ood watch in affect sunday and monday and widespread thunderstorm activity and torrential downurs and flash flooding in this area. if you are traveling there, watch out. you may want to stay away from th beaches. the same system is kickin up the surf. dangerous swimming conditions and sout facing beaches expecting waves of 4 to 10 feet. this continues until monday morning. tomorrow morning here starting out with the fog and the low clou and mid50s to low 60s for your early turday plans. for the afternoon itis a mild to warm one. a betiful day. 89 mor morgan hill and a in sunnyville on the peninsula and 80 in redwood city. palo alto 79. a nice day in downtown san francisco. in the north bay 60s coast side and santa rosa and vallejo and sonoma. 74 in oakland and 80 for you in fremont. head inland and it will be warm, sunny and seasonal
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summer day. 90 in livermo and 86 san ramon. thert and wine festival thissing wkend -- festival this weekend will be mild. the temperatures fall for the start of t workweek down to the upper 80s inland and mid60s coast. then they come right back up again. >> a's baseball. >> lar is here with that. you are a little fired up over it too. >> at the rate the a's are going they mayot get the wild card. chris carter is coming back to haunt them yet agai
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hello! i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you! it is a rematch of the 2012 world series. the giants opening a weekend set in detroit. they had to conten with the
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tigers and mother nature. first meeting since the giants ' world seri sweep. every giant had a hit in the game. the hits just starng and crawford in the third. oblanco in 6-0 after three and then the rain stard to fall. it would stop, and they kept waiting and waiting and waiting. mo rain was coming and it never arrived. a two-hour 42 minute rain delay. don't they have doppler? the panda leaves the yard. giants win it 8-2 and they stay back of the dodgers. a's and astros and that's the life of the a's. trouble with the long ball once again in the third. john singleton is going deep 1-0stros. the bottom three. a little flare to right an charging miss pls. a's build the 3-1 lead. looking r more in the fourth. they had nobody out.
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josh donaldson and inning ending double pl. seen this over and over again. chris carter and this is what he does. his seventh homer this season against his former team. why would you throw him a strike? a's fall 4-3. two off for the top wild card spot. and oh how things mht be if they had their old buddy and old pa bluejays, red sox a tied at eight. bases load and it is a long walk off single. he is not my ennis he is thei ennis. and i amad. red sox win 9-8 in 10 innings. 49ers made their decision, what to d
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it may be awhile before we find out what happenedwith ray mcdonald and his fiancee. in the meantime the 49ers feel comfortable enough to play him in the season opener against llas. arrested on suspicion of domestic abusen his pregnant fiancee. they were strad lig the line wean taking a strong tanked on violence and protecting due process. and by the way, they want them to help them beat the cowboys. so he will play. >> i amis teammate and i support hi to the fullest. i believe the truth will prevai hopefully everything goes well >> and a big college football game torrow in the pac-12. stanford hosting usc. kickoff at 12:30 p.m. here on abc7. i predict 79 and sunny and a lot of traffic.
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